Wednesday, 15 June 2011

When crafting takes over your life!

I know it is no excuse however I first stopped posting on the old blog due to my daughters impending wedding and all the crafting I was doing because of it. Her wedding was last May so I know that doesn't excuse the last year (however she did get pregnant a month after her wedding so the crafting like mad focus changed from wedding stuff to baby stuff). I thought I would start by showing a few of the items I made for the wedding last year :)

Guest Book (basic book made with a Binditall - Coverall - then I attached a padded cover made out of wedding dress material)

Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets (using silk roses and lots of wired crystal beads) and Ring Cushion.

Table Decorations
Cake Stand and Beaded Garland

Table Plan
Bridesmaid Dress
My Outfit and the Mens Cravats (matching the Bridesmaid)Napkin Rings, Wine Glass Charms, Favours, Place Cards
Chair Covers
And of course the day and evening invitations.
I think that will do for today but check back tomorrow as there is more! LOL


  1. Welcome back me lovely... tis nice to see you back in blogland :D
    I'm not surprised you went AWOL...with all that work (and so beautifully done, each and every item!!) your mojo must have been burnt out.
    Looking forward to seeing more I have no doubt it will all be wonderful eye candy....your talents are endless.
    Chris xx

  2. Oh Wow , what a stunning collection, you did a fantastic job with all of these beautiful things , what an inspiration , Im so glad you are back in blogland ive missed you :-)