Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Need a card QUICK!

Anyone as forgetful as I am will often need to produce a few cards on the spot (usually at about 4.45 when the post goes as 5pm!)
Yesterday was that day for me - and not just one card - oh no - I don't make it easy for myself - I needed 3!
Anyway - these are what I came up with - they wouldn't win any prizes (and don't look too closely) but they were simple, quick and easy - AND, most importantly I made it to the post box in time!
Only one thing - I wish someone had reminded me that stickles take a little while to dry - blotting the excess off and blasting with the heatgun did the trick though :)

Thanks for looking
xx Karen


  1. Fab little cards and what a great shape they are

  2. these are lovely. very professional looking.

  3. These are fabulous quick cards. Glad you made the post in time.