Sunday, 11 September 2011

More sewing stuff for baby grandson

These are test items made up by drafting my own patterns (which I am not very good at hence the need for rough test items).

I was with my daughter last week while shopping and she was looking at buying Jack a baby sleeping bag - I was shocked at the price (£34) so I blithely said "oh don't buy any - I can make you a few of those".
Sometimes I wish I could just keep my mouth shut LOL. Anyway I grabbed some spare materials I had kicking around and run up this one to test for size. Luckily I only need to make a few minor adjustments and look for some nice soft cotton/ velour - I have to admit though that working with two layers of fabric between some wadding is not as easy as it looks (especially if you are lazy like me and don't want to bother with pinning and tacking etc.)

The bib is another test draft - I have seen some great long sleeve bibs online similar to this but they are rather expensive so I bought some bargain waterproof nylon from ebay (£2.50 a metre) and a cheap fleece blanket from Ikea (I think it was £1) and I have enough to make about 4 of these long sleeve bibs. This one fits just about right now but I will make the a bit bigger as he is growing fast!

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  1. These look great Karen, wish i could get excited about sewing lol