Thursday, 29 September 2011

And more sewing stuff

Yep - I seem to be on a blinkered 'Jack' track at the moment - all I can think about is what I will need when I start babysitting him (which I am soooo looking forward to by the way - can you tell! Whereas My poor daughter is dreading returning to work - she is only going back part-time but hates the thought of leaving Jack for even a few minutes so it is going to kill her yo leave him for a few whole days a week.)

I bought a second hand pushchair that I can keep here so I have made a nice warm cosytoes for it to keep Jack snug and toasty in the winter when we will walk to school and back twice a day with my eight year old Jake (Jacks uncle Jake LOL). I know just how cold it gets on those walks so I wanted to make sure Jack would enjoy them and not just freeze to death.


  1. Hi Karen :)
    Just popped by to wish you Happy New Year me lovely.... hope its a fabulous one for you and yours.
    Chris xx

  2. Hi Karen, more fabulous sewing I see , Im so jealous, wish I could sew , Ive left a blog award on my blog for you, have a nice weekend x