Thursday, 21 July 2011

I love Cooking nearly as much as crafting!

Yes it's true - I do love cooking nearly as much as crafting (eating it all comes in pretty high on the list too LOL).

It was my grandsons christening at the end of June so I had a great excuse to go overboard and make loads of cakes!

and here is my little angel - all sweaty and a bit hot and bothered as it was a boiling hot day (one of the few hot days we have had this summer).

Thanks for looking
x Karen


  1. Aaaww what a little cutiepie he is. Your cakes look fabulous. Love the Christening cake.

  2. Awww Karen he is soooo cuuuuuute!!
    OMG how many arrows you have to your bow missus... never ending talent although it's cruel to show me all those fab eatables when I'm so desperately trying to get into
    Chris xx